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Online Course

Learn to understand your horse

Learn from home now

Easily stay on the couch and start your learning journey right now. 
With 7 chapters, this 2-hour course is packed with theoretical and practical knowledge so that you can start to understand your horse better today!

Take this knowledge with you to the stable tomorrow and watch your relationship grow and evolve.

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7 chapters

theoretical & practical knowledge

hands-on exercises

Yes I want to learn now!

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Your teacher

knowledgeable and professional 

Learn from reliable, international sources and the latest and highest standards of ethics.
As a trainer and behavioral expert, I have a professional and scientific background. I train horses not only because I have been doing it for so long, but also because I continuously grow and school myself.

For me, the health and happiness of all horses always comes first.

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Dive deeper
- how horses learn
- how horses perceive our world
- how do we influence our horses
- how do I help my horse gain more confidence 
- practical approach and training

Understanding is the foundation for any relationship.

And before understanding comes knowledge.

Be sure of your basics and knowledge with this online course.
Everything you need to know to better understand horses, from anatomy to psychology, learn theories and useful tips & exercises to apply immediately.


Take the course home now and start right away!

€ 48,-

€ 38,-

now temporarily 




“I thought it was a great coaching session where I learned a lot about myself and about my horse. Carolina is a great coach who works with a lot of understanding and calm.”

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