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I have a young horse

Starting a horse together with groundwork

I have fears 

Facing and overcoming fear with training & coaching

My horse cannot be
ridden (anymore)

Exploring fun and useful activities on the ground

My horse shows problematic behavior

Understanding horse behavior and emotions

I want to learn new things

Personal growing together for horse and human

My horse and I have had bad experiences

Recognizing trauma and learning about it


For horse & owner



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Ideal for all horses. We work closely together on the ground and on the hand. From here we can continue to grow.

What you can learn with groundwork:

  • horse language

  • trust and relationship  

  • empathic horsemanship

  • clicker & target training

  • liberty

  • freedom dressage

  • bitless riding

Young and green horses also need clear and fine communication. Do you want to learn together? I would be happy to come to your location to get started with you two. Starting a young horse however is a process that takes up a lot of time and patience. This requires a holistic program that will take up several weeks. You can also reed about starting a young horse here.

Is your horse traumatized?

Problematic behavior and trauma always require a thorough evaluation of the past and circumstances first. We will look into it together and what it takes for your horse to get better.

Choose what fits you
Conversations between Horse & Human

Let us plan a whole program for you and your horse

on request


A single session Grondwerk & Horsemanship

beginning at  € 45,-


A single session systemic coaching with your horse

beginning at € 75,-


For an introduction and first advice & consultation at your location

€ 25,-

for all prices 

- a surcharge of € 0.25 per km from 10 km outside Winschoten

- VAT included

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Meet yourself

Coaching is part of holistic horse training for me and I apply this during my horsemanship lessons and when dealing with horses & people. You will also find a lot about personality development and inner growth on my blog.


In systemic coaching with horses, we use a fundamental principle: our inner herd. Because you are more than just the 'I' you hear in your head. You are part of a large system, consisting of the people around you, your parents and ancestors, their experiences and also your own experiences and stories. There is a lot going on unconsciously in your 'herd'. And sometimes these unconscious workings cause us worry, symptoms, and pain. Our herd is then not in balance.


Fortunately, with their fine centuries-old survival instincts, the horses know how to detect and notice this imbalance. This way we can look at it together and determine what you need to restore this balance.


In contact with you and your horse, I use these principles to promote growth for you.

You can also request a full coaching session with your horse in addition to your guidance in the Training & Coaching process.

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything.
Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”

Paulo Coelho



Carolina thinks ahead, is creative and provides new insights.

She now works with my 2 year old and I am pleasantly surprised about her knowledge and skills, she is also a nice person to work with. Definitely recommended!"



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