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Conversations between horses and humans

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Horsemanship Trainer & Coach 

for sensitive horse people - who want a freedom based realationship


are holistic professions that demand a lot of empathy, passion and varied experience. After more than 15 years in the horse world  I'm sure I can provide that to you.

Every horse and owner, and their fusion, are so special and individual. Let us take a look at it together, whether you run into problems or want to discover something new.

What I can offer you:

- lessons in groundwork and horsemanship

- behavior consult and training with problem behavior

- personal coaching and growth

Whatever goals and styles you follow - a relationship stands always at the base. 

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With 'conversations between horses and humans' I offer a unique combination of horse-oriented training and people-oriented coaching.

I look individually and holistically at the entire human & horse system.


Because we humans have chosen horses to be part of each other's herd. But because we are two different species and there are a lot of different and sometimes outdated visions, that can be quite difficult. That's why we go back to basics - with groundwork and of course horse language and behavior. 
Together we take a deep look at who you really are and what you really need.  

As in any relationship, there is only one key: to keep communicating.

I'll help you with this.

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Understanding Horses - Understanding Horsemanship

Do you want to learn from home about horses and horsemanship? You can join my Patreon to get exclusive access to learning material and videos, to get your relationship with your horse onto a next level.  There are enough methods and trainers out there - for your horse YOU are the best trainer. But for this you need an understanding of horses and horsemanship. On my Patreon I give you all the insights I have thorugh my own horsemanship journey of 15 years and my several studies of psychology and animal behavior.


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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of the soul remains untouched.”

Anatole France

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